About me, Daniel Trip

Hi! I am Daniel Trip and I have a rare fetish called nebulophilia. That means I like looking at smoke and steam. I also like listening to revving cars.

I could still remember the day when I was around four years old and my father’s car broke down. The car was smoking like crazy whilst my father was revving it, the engine sounds and amount of smoke being very intimidating to me. I was afraid, and the door to our house slammed shut which meant I couldn’t get inside. The rest of it I don’t remember, but this part I do like no other.

Around a year or so later, we went to a family member’s wedding party and I got on the stage to dance. This was the first time I got smoked by a fog machine every minute or so. For some reason, this didn’t scare me at all and I found it quite fun, actually. I vividly remember that day up until the point we left, and thought about that day many times.

When I became aware of YouTube, I started watching videos of fog machines, and later on, vehicle cold start and seafoam videos. Revving is no rare occurence in those videos, but I found out I enjoy pretty much all of it now. My mind turned turned the very things that used to scare me into something enjoyable. Strange how some things work, isn’t it?


I want to achieve the following goals with this website:

  • Providing a platform for meeting people with nebulophilia and/or exhaust fetish;
  • Creating a community for sharing videos and other content related to this subject;
  • Showing like-minded people that they are not alone, no matter how obscure their fetish is (as long as you’re not doing anything illegal/hurting anyone in the process, that is).

Would you like to share your story with me? Feel free to do so by sending me a message. You can find ways to contact me over at the Chat and Contact page, or the about section of my YouTube channel for my e-mail address.