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Nebulophilia Survey - Answers to Open Questions

Find out what like-minded people have answered! - Update 10/01

Hello there! I made a short survey a little more than a year ago asking you all about your experiences in nebulophilia. A week ago, I posted all the answers to the multiple-choice questions asked in the survey.

In that same survey, I also asked some open questions which you’ll read about here (all of course posted with permission from the participants). Even though there was a small group of people who chose to share their stories while giving permission to share these stories, the remaining stories are hopefully a good way to give you an idea of what people with nebulophilia are generally interested in. So a big thank you to all of those who answered, and let’s read your answers!

Note: The answers have been slightly edited for increased readability (punctuation and grammar/spelling); however, the contents of these answers have not been altered. Translated messages might have contained translation errors and might have slightly altered interpretation as a result.

One person, who is interested in exhaust smoke and pedal pumping fetish:

My first boner, that I could ever relate to something (I was probably around 9 or 10) I just saw, was because of an exhaust pipe of a car. Exhaust pipes are a huge turn on for me, especially if a beautiful woman pumps the gas pedal.

Someone being interested in exhaust smoke noted his interest in struggling engines and blasting exhaust gasses:

I found out I have nebulophilia probably at the age of two while watching my father clean out the engine of our car with seafoam or something similar. I get most excited by a struggling engine being operated by a lady, creating lots of carbon-laden exhaust before blowing out the engine and creating blasts of exhaust gasses from the car’s tailpipe. Side-pointing (station wagon) and downdraft tailpipes blasting the ground and creating black carbon stains is a sexual turn-on for me.

A different person sharing the same interest wrote (translated from Hungarian):

I found out I have nebulophilia as a child. I’m interested in girls and exhausts.

Someone else finding out about his exhaust fetish in a later stage in his life wrote (translated from Spanish):

I was 21 years old when I found out about my exhaust fetish. I like inhaling diesel smoke and dense blue smoke coming from motorcycles.

One person, owning a fog machine and who also added having an interest for smoking fetish, exhaust fetish and mechanophilia wrote:

I’ve been turned on by fog for as long as I can remember. I just wish more people were into it, though.

Though one person said not owning a fog machine, he did seem to have some interest for vape and smoke:

My awakening was when I found out I get turned on whenever I see a girl who is in someone else’s vape clouds or smoke. I’m unsure if I have a smoke fetish, but my favorite aspect is seeing a non-smoker being clouded out by vape. But also, I’m attracted to them in fog and cigarette smoke. I just love to see them breathing it.

Update 10/01: For one, it all started with exhaust experiences, later growing into something bigger:

I found out I had nebulophilia when I was around 10 and had a paper route. In the winters, women would start their cars before work and stand in the thick white exhaust clearing off their windows. I’d stand in it with them and talk while we were engulfed in it.

The fetish spread to the smoking fetish and I’d position myself so my sexy aunt would blow smoke in my face. I was even able to get her to unknowingly blow smoke around my crotch!

I later built my own dry ice fog machine after having different fog machines over the years including an industrial sized one that’s used for dance clubs.


There are lots of different reasons why someone would find certain things attractive, and that’s no different within nebulophilia. For one, it may be the struggling sound of the engine paired with the blasting of exhaust gasses. For the other, it could be seeing someone being clouded by fog or a vape. Whatever it may be, having nebulophilia for exhausts doesn’t necessarily mean that one also reacts in the same way for fog machines, for example.

The experiences were all quite diverse, as seemed to be the case for the age of discovery too. But most importantly, those experiences are important to those who experienced it. It shaped us, and it has formed an important part of who we are.

One of the goals of these insights is that it may hopefully help you in some way; accepting who you are, or finding common ground for example.

Once again thanks to the people who participated in the survey, and thank you for reading!