Featured image of post New Domain, New Website!

New Domain, New Website!

A fresh start.

If you have ever visited my YouTube channel, chances are you have also seen the simple website I put together quite a few months ago. But I’ve decided to get a bit more serious, and I’m happy to announce I acquired a real domain name this time!

A fresh new start. Or a naughty cold start, whatever you prefer. The goal is still to provide people with links, videos and other media related to fog and smoke fetish. I’d also like stories on how this fetish began with other people (if you’d like to read mine, feel free to do so on the About page). If you’d like to share your story (and for it to posted on this website, if so desired), you can find ways to contact me on the Chat and Contact page.

Maybe you’re finding this a hard topic to talk about. That’s understandable. After all, you may have thought you’re alone in this for a pretty long time. As there wasn’t really a platform to talk about it, it’s pretty hard to come by like-minded people. But while this isn’t all that common, you should know that we’re actually out there! And that, as long as you use common sense and can control yourself, there’s nothing wrong with you for being into nebulophilia or exhaust fetish.

Give yourself some time to process all of this. When you’re ready, our community is waiting for you. Also feel free to lurk in the chatroom for a while; you’ll find out we’re pretty chill (like low-lying fog). Also, if you’re afraid of joining a chatroom with multiple people, please feel free to reach out to me by e-mail, for example (again, on the Chat and Contact page).

Finally, check out the schedule for video playlist updates. I’ll try to be as consistent as possible!

Looking forward to seeing this website grow with content and meeting y’all!

Image by RAJESH misra