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New Odysee Channel

Great backup and alternative for YouTube!

As YouTube channel owners may know, uploading content on the platform comes with a feeling of uncertainty sometimes. With the ever-changing Community Guidelines, it’s difficult to know whether your content will survive after the next wave of changes.

With this reason in mind, I’ve decided to make uploaded content available on Odysee, a video streaming platform that offers features and services that are very similar to YouTube. As such, it is pretty user-friendly and gives a feeling of familiarity. It’s also friendly to channels, as it offers features like automatic YouTube synchronization. The synchronization does have some delay, so it does take some time before the same video is uploaded on Odysee - but it’s still much better than having to manually upload the same video twice!

Please note that this doesn’t mean I’ll stop uploading on YouTube. I’ll keep on archiving and uploading videos on that platform as long as possible, while having a neat fallback if things go south.

Please take a look and give it a try, and also feel free to follow me if you decide to create an account!

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