Featured image of post Thanks for 200 subscribers!

Thanks for 200 subscribers!

Wouldn't have been able to do it without you all!

My channel just surpassed the 200 subscriber count, and therefore I’d like to dedicate this short post to thanking all of you for subscribing to my channel!

My channel originally started in May 2018 with the intention to save videos in my playlists and to share them. For a while, the channel stayed quite small as I focused on just one aspect (namely fog) within the subject of nebulophilia. I suspect it’s when I started broadening my horizons a bit (and started archiving some removed videos), when the count really started rising. I feel this is also when the channel actually got useful for like-minded people.

So once again thank you, and looking forward to the next milestones (and sharing more content with all of you)!